Skyhawk’s Team Spirits Soar High

Although we did not take the gold in todays Team Relay, we more then made up for it with our team unity and camaraderie.  It really came at no surprise that Marian College beat us to the finish line, with FLC close behind for a solid second place.  This event could not have be more suited for Marian and thier all-star track team.  Not only does a team relay mimic the tactics and dynamics of a track race but Marian is the only college in the country who has there own velodrome and in turn has attracted some of the fastest track racers in the country.  The next two days of racing will incorporate an endurance aspect that was not much of a factor today and is where we excel.

Our starting line-up today started with Kolben Preble followed by Brittany Clawson, Sophia Gomez Villafane, and Skyler Trujillo.  Every single one of them had great laps, looking strong and confident, bringing it all together for a great team effort.  As our 4 racers gave it everything they had during their individual laps the entire team stood on the sidelines charged and cheering for each other and the other collegiate racers.  With all of the dedication, focus and drive that goes into racing at this level everyone still had a smile on there face, not forgetting how to have a good time!  They seemed to resemble what collegiate cycling is all about.

Photos to come later tonight!