Saturday- Womens D1 National Championship Race

The women’s battle for D1 cyclocross national championship exploded off the start line with Sofia Gomez Villafane taking the lead going into the first lap.  Marian University’s Kaitlin Antonneau quickly took over and didn’t stop until the finish, taking the national title.  The course was in great condition with a mix of mud, snow, ice and sand.  All of our riders had a great day with not a single mechanical issue.  The sun was out and although it was a little windy it was nothing like the gusts we experienced the second part of the day.  Our five ladies racing were Sofia Gomez Villafane (2nd), Brittany Clawson (6th), Lauren Catlin (11th), Courtney Ott (28th), and Ivie Crawford (29th).

Sunday will bring the last race of the weekend for Fort Lewis with the mens D1 race starting at 10AM.  It should be a great battle for the title and all of our guys are pumped and ready!

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Individual race results can be seen here, and Team Omnium Points can be seen here.