FLC TT Series Starts Wednesday 2/26 4:30pm

The FLC Cycling dead animal series of Time Trials starts Wednesday February 26th at 4:30pm at Mountain Madness (HWY550/CR203) with the Dead Squirrel, then again at 4:30pm on 3/25. Then we’ll run two more of the those at 5:30pm (after the time change) March 12th and March 19th. Dead  Squirrel – 15K loop, arrive warmed up and ready to start. North on CR203, right on Trimble Ln., quick right onto HWY550 south, hairpin right onto CR203 at Mountain Madness, finish at start.
On March 25th we’ll start the Dead Elk TT at Trimble Crossing starting at 5:30pm and continuing the next two Wednesdays – April 3rd and 10th. Dead Elk – 22K loop, park in Ace lot, start at back of Ace hardware, west on Trimble Ln., right on HWY550 north, right on CR250 (NO SHALONA), keep right over Baker’s Bridge, right on Trimble Ln. (CR252), finish at start.
Collegiates will be working on Team Time Trials at many of the events – community riders also feel free to put TTT teams together – it’s a blast!
FREE TO ALL!! But gifts to FLC Cycling are greatly appreciated, easy to do online: https://apps.fortlewis.edu/makeagift and type in “Cycling Club Fund”
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Dead Squirrel
2/26/14 4:30pm Mountain Madness
3/5/14 4:30pm Mountain Madness
3/12/14 5:30pm Mountain Madness
3/19/14 5:30pm Mountain Madness
Dead Elk
3/25/14 5:30pm Trimble Crossing
4/2/14 5:30pm Trimble Crossing
4/9/14 5:30pm Trimble Crossing