Team Clothing Order – Closes Friday 7/10 10pmMST

If you ever wanted the latest FLC kit  now is the time. The order is 2015 FLC Cycling Jerseyopen to all fans, families, alumni, etc.  Great prices on the best Team Clothing through Champion Systems. Follow the instructions below and get yours now!

FLC Cycling Clothing Order Instructions and Beta:

Please take the time to follow the instructions below carefully and make sure you have paid for your items or they will not be shipped.

The FLC designs are available on any product you see in the store, from jerseys/jackets/vests to fleece bib knickers to Trail Shorts (NEW FOR THIS YEAR) to arm warmers and gloves, etc. Some of the more random accessories may have a minimum number ordered to be produced but any top or bottom will be made in time for the season. You can choose the $64 the standard jersey – CS Tech  (just don’t do the club cut and the sleeveless won’t work for collegiate racing (usacycling rule)) to the $169 Razor Carbon version that is as high as tech gets. I have  the $72 AirLite  Short Sleeve jersey and it is great for riding when it is warmer or when racing.

I have tried on many of their items and sizing is fairly standard – since I (5’10”, 150lbs) am a MTBer I’ll get a Medium jersey – if I were primarily a roadie I’d get a Small and since I have chicken legs I’ll be getting Small bibs. Hey Ladies! – The new Donna line of jerseys and shorts are women specific! If you want to get all techy on sizing you can check out the charts:

Here is the link to the store,  and some team default logins to use the first time – you will then create your own login, happy purchasing.
username: flccycling1
password: flccycling1
Create your own login then My Account page will pop up, look for the FLC Summer 15 and click the Order Now link to the right.
All of the different items in the store will be in front of you with Order buttons below each – You can get more info on each design by clicking the MORE INFO button. Then choose Zipper Length and Size and click Order. Be sure to put the quantity you like in the box under the desired size. Same with the Women’s or Club sizes.  If you forget to choose zipper length and try to order it will reset, so you’ll have to enter the quantity under the size again.
There are tons of different items to order – warmers, tights, jackets, vests, LS jerseys, socks, hats, base layers
You will then be prompted to choose between ordering more and check out.
To order more items you can just follow the same procedures above after hitting Continue Shopping button.
Please keep in mind that there’ll be some items that won’t have a proof for you to view but rest assured the designs have been approved by myself and FLC and will look just like everything else.
Please don’t order anything from the other categories (Running/Triathalon, Inline and Skate, Motorsport, Nordic, Rowing, Casual Wear, etc.) – I won’t approve the proofs.
Once you have all the items in your cart go to Checkout> and review your items to make sure they are correct then click Checkout> again. This will bring up the Final Order Confirmation where you check again and then click Confirm Order. On the Payment Page your name should be in the “bill to:” box.
Company/Organization: Fort Lewis College Cycling
address: 1000 Rim Dr.
City: Durango
State: CO
Telephone: your number
Fill in the Credit Card info, check read and agree to terms and conditions box, and the SUBMIT.
If you just Save your order without paying it will not be made.
You are now hopefully done and they will send you a confirmation. If you don’t receive a confirmation Email then you should look into it by contacting Cody below.
All of the clothing will be shipped to the cycling office in individual bags with your name on it. They should arrive on August 28th and then we’ll ship them to wherever you are.
If you are having trouble you can get in touch with me, or even better:

Cody Stephan – Custom Apparel Specialist –  Tel:(718)383-8855

Dave Hagen – FLC Cycling – 970-403-4842