Official FLC Team Clothing Store Now Open

Happy Summer! Hope all is going well.Kit Template

The clothing order is now open.

Please take the time to follow the instructions below carefully and make sure you have paid for your items or they will not be produced/shipped.

It is also a good time to order additional items for cooler/cold/wet weather.

Remember – the jersey design will change for 2017-18 so if a new member maybe just get a jersey because all will be required to purchase new when design changes. It only happens every four years.

THE CLOSING DATE IS THURSDAY JULY 21  AT 10PM MST. The order should arrive the weekend before the Fall term begins and will be in the Cycling Office

Please read carefully below for purchasing instructions.

Here is the beta:

The FLC designs are available on any product you see in the store, from jerseys/jackets/vests to fleece bib knickers to arm warmers and gloves to casual gear, etc. Some of the more random accessories may have a minimum number ordered to be produced but any top or bottom will be made in time for the season. You can choose the $63.25 the standard jersey – CS Tech  (just don’t do the club cut and the sleeveless won’t work for collegiate racing (usacycling rule)) to the $169 Razor Carbon version that is as high as tech gets. I have  the $71.19 AirLite  Short Sleeve jersey and it is great for riding when it is warmer or when racing.

It is also highly recommended to get at least one pair of bibs/shorts and you even have a choice of Chamois, get the Veloce or Women’s specific! Unless you have a load of shorts/bibs without sponsors on them  (collegiate rule) then you should get a pair – there are often two or more races per weekend and sometimes washing is impossible.

I have tried on many of their items and sizing is fairly standard – since I (5’10”, 150lbs) am a MTBer I’ll get a Medium jersey – if I were primarily a roadie I’d get a Small and since I have chicken legs I’ll be getting Small bibs. Hey Ladies! – The new Donna line of jerseys and shorts are women specific! If you want to get all techy on sizing you can check out the charts:

For all of you new members – if you come from warmer climates you should definitely get some cool/cold weather garments i.e. Jackets (insulated and water repellant, thermal/fleece warmers, knickers or tights, shoe covers, gloves.

For all of you TRACKies, CXers, TTers, and CRITers – you should definitely get your own skin suit!

Returning members can use the email and password you used to order in the past.

Here is the link to the store:

You will see a page full of templates.

Click on the first Cycling Jerseys template, it has most of what anyone will want. Select the product from the drop down menu, then zipper type (full zips are the best), then if you want reflective piping ($5) or zip rear pocket ($5), then the amount of each size – choose race cut or women, club cuts are super baggy. Click Add to Cart and you can choose to continue shopping or proceed to check out.

The 2nd template are trail jerseys that can be used for DH/BMX (BMX must have long sleeve).

The 3rd and 4th templates are for high end women specific jerseys if interested.

The next 3 templates are vests, jackets, mock turtlenecks – remember if coming from warmer climates you will need an insulated, maybe rain proof jacket for cold morning starts and winter training.

The 1st shorts and bibs template has all the options. CS Bib Short is standard and get veloce or women’s chamois. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th shorts and bib templates are repetitive.

Tights and knickers – self explanatory.

Many skin/speedsuit selections – get you own if Trackie, CXer or super committed Roadie/TTer. There is even a CX skin suit that has some insulation in the front!

Running tops can work fine as Trail jerseys/casual wear.

Top and Bottoms are BMX/DH. BMX/DH bottoms are not required but look super pro.

There are also some casual jackets/hoodies if interested.

Once you have chosen all your items proceed to check out. You’ll review your order and if correct hit the checkout button again.

If a new member create a new login. If you have ordered through the team before then use your previous email and password.

Enter your payment info and you are done. You should receive a confirmation from them if all is good.  If you don’t receive a confirmation Email then you should look into it by contacting Cody below.

All of the clothing will be shipped to the cycling office in individual bags with your name on it. They should arrive on August 24th.

If you are having trouble you can get in touch with me, or even better:

Cody Stephan

Custom Apparel Specialist

218 Richardson St.

Brooklyn, NY 11222