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FLCCX #1 Results

Series Points Updated 11.26.13

We are proud to announce that the Durango Performance Center/Performance Cardiology have come aboard as the presenting sponsor of the 4CCX Series. They are joined by Zia Taqueria, SRAM, Osprey and Irish Embassy Pub as major supporters that gives CXers from the 4-corners region an outlet for their CX jones.

New this year is USA Cycling sanctioning of 4 of the races in the series so competitors can earn points for good call-ups at Nationals in Boulder in January (we want 60 folks from the 4 corners to race at Nationals and hand it to the Boulder folks!). Also new is a 50+ men category.

There is also some exciting news – the Dec. 14th race will stream live to the internet and an edited version will be featured on IDTV, cable channel 15!


More details to come in the near future.

2013 4 Corners CX Schedule

CortezCX – November 16th, 2013 – Parque de Vida, Cortez Recreation Center Cortez, CO

FLCCX – Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 2013 – Ray Denison Field, Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO (USAC)

FLCCX – Saturday, Dec. 7th, 2013 – Ray Denison Field, Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO (USAC)

AztecCX – Saturday, Dec. 21st, 2013 – Tiger Sports Complex, Aztec, NM

FLCCX – Saturday, Jan. 4th, 2014 – Ray Denison Field, Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO


8:30am-10:45am – Registration Open – must register 15 minutes before start

9:00am – Course Open for Pre-ride

9:45am – Staging – Men B, Open Women, Men 50+

10:00am – Race Start – Men B, Open Women, Men 50+ – 40 minutes

10:45am – Course Open for Pre-ride

11:00am – Staging – Men A, Men 35+

11:05am – Race Start – Men A, Men 35+ – 50 minutes

FLCCX – Saturday, Dec. 14th, 2013 – Ray Denison Memorial Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO (USAC)


12:30pm -2:45pm– Registration Open – must register 15 minutes before start

1:00pm – Course Open for Pre-ride

1:45pm – Staging – Men B, Open Women, Men 50+

2:00pm – Race Start – Men B, Open Women, Men 50+ – 40 minutes

2:45pm – Course Open for Pre-ride

3:00pm – Staging – Men A, Men 35+

3:05pm – Race Start – Men A, Men 35+ – 50 minutes

Tilly Field in Aztec 2012

Stan’s NoTubes 4Corners CX Series – Aztec Race Reports – Series Standings

Aztec Day 1

Aztec Day 2

Series Standings after 7 races

The new venue for this weekend at Tiger Park in Aztec offered up some new terrain for everyone with some sandy run/ride ups, gravelly paths, sandy sections and some thick grass accentuated by the obligatory collegiate maze. Thanks to the City of Aztec, Pete Shirk and Cottonwood Cycles for hosting the event.

Day 1 began with the standard weather so far this year, dry and relatively mild. The Men’s B class was a pack race for the first few of the 4:40 laps with the usual suspects at the front with one newcomer, Adam Digby (FLC). Jacob Smith (FLC) soon separated himself and despite repeated attempts by Digby, took the win with Digby in second and Troy Hachmann (FLC Alum) having yet another solid ride for third.

The Open Women’s race also stayed tight for the first few laps until Sofia Gomez Villafane (FLC) created a gap over the chasers and went on to a comfortable win. Lauren Catlin (FLC) and Sarah Sturm (FLC) have their form coming on at the right time to take 2nd and 3rd. Series leader Brianne Marshall (Stan’s NoTubes) had an off day and finished 4th.

The Men’s 35+ race had the same group of instigators start off the race but the outcome was highlighted by a newcomer. Matt McGee (2Cross) was in town from Las Vegas and showed up to create a gap from the beginning and grew his lead throughout the race to take a convincing win over the Stan’s NoTubes tandem of Frank Mapel (2nd) and Michael Carroll (3rd). Jon Delacy (DWC) again showed he was the best of the rest by finishing 4th.

The Men’s A race was sure to be decided by the FLC racers vying for spots on the National Team that will represent FLC on Januray 13th in Madison, WI. Leave it up to Sepp Kuss (RMCF Sweet Elite) to derail those plans by keeping tabs on Skyler Trujillo (FLC) and Rotem Ishay (FLC/Jamis) for the majority of the race and then pulling away to take the win – Trujillo 2nd, Ishay 3rd. Mike Sampson (FLC) had his best result to date by riding to a solid 4th and Robbie Jones (FLC) kept up the consistent results coming with a 5th place effort.

Day 2 in Aztec conditions were markedly different with a brutally cold wind out of the west making it very cold out in the elements and a few snowflakes flying. The course was run in the reverse direction from the day before with a few additions to make it a longer lap.

The Men’s B race seemed a tight pack race from the beginning but the group didn’t realize that Peter Marshall (DWC) had exploded off the front to take the win in dominating fashion. Jacob Smith (FLC) road the majority of the race alone to take 2nd and Troy Hachmann (FLC Alum) overcame a first lap mechanical to take 3rd yet again.

In the Open Women race Brianne Marshall (Stan’s NoTubes) exacted her revenge on everyone by using her teams cannon to obliterating the field and even passing all but one B man despite starting 1 minute behind them. Sofia Gomez Villafane, Sarah Strum, Lauren Catlin and Brittany Clawson formed up the FLC Cycling chase train before spreading out in that order to finish 2,3,4,and 5.

The Men 35+ field was missing the guest instigator from the day before and the Frank Mapel (Stan’s NoTubes) Michael Carroll (Stan’s NoTubes) duo (they might as well be riding a tandem) created a small gap over Andre Michaud (DWC) and Jon Delacy (DWC). The DWC racers did their best to close down the gap but fell short with Mapel taking another win, Carroll in 2nd, Delacy 3rd and Michaud 4th.

The Men’s A race got off to a quick start with Sepp Kuss (RMCF Sweet Elite), Skyler Trujillo (FLC) and Mike Wilk (FLC Alum) trading off on the front of the race with Chad Cheeney (RMCF Sweet Elite) holding a gap on a group of FLC chasers. Trujillo and Wilk turned up the throttle to gap Kuss and then Wilk bobbled in the hopable barrier section to give Trujillo the winning margin. Kuss kept riding hard to hold onto 3rd and Cheeney held off the chasing Mike Sampson (FLC) and Robbie Jones (FLC) to take 4th.

The Stan’s NoTubes Series Finals are this Sunday, December 16th up at Fort Lewis College with Open Women/Men B at 10am and Men A/Men 35+ at 11am. The venue will be slightly different than in the past with the Start/Finish next to the Amphitheater/Clocktower on the south side of Whalen Gymnasium.

All please be sure to make it to the Series awards on Sunday night at 6pm at the Irish Embassy pub at 9th and Main Ave. Should be a great time with the CX community coming together to celebrate the season.

Stan’s NoTubes 4Corners CX Series – Series Standings

Series standings have been tabulated for the first four races. FLC Alum Miguel Ramos is leading the Men A standings, but not for long as he has left for AK for the winter, surely 2nd place Ned Overend (Specialized/Boure) and 3rd place Sepp Kuss (RMCF Devo Sweet Elite) will be trying to take over the top spot with the FLC team ready to make a run for it. Brianne Marshall (Stan’s NoTubes) has a commanding lead in the Open Women after winning all 4 races, while Rebecca Balboni (Exergy/2012) and Sofia Gomez Villifante (FLC) while try to break the streak in the second half of the season. In the Men’s 35+ category, Frank Mapel (Stan’s NoTubes) had two wins in Cortez to propel him into the lead ahead of Jon Delacy (DWC) while teammate Michael Carroll (Stan’s NoTubes) waits in the wings in 3rd place. Steve Morozowich has confirmed he is master of the B Men with two convincing wins in Cortez but Jacob Smith (FLC), 2nd, and Paul Adams (Kokopelli), 3rd, are sure to be doing battle for the lead as peer pressure may make Morozowich jump up to the 35+ category. The 5th race of the series is this Sunday up at FLC – racing action starts at 10am!

Stan’s NoTubes 4CCX Series Standings

Stan’s NoTubes 4Corners CX Series – Race #4 and Dolores Results

Another glorious day of racing for day 2 in Cortez at Parque de Vida. Ben “ze german” Sonntag (FLC Alum) drove all night back from the Palo Duro in Texas to make it back for day 2 in Cortez and did not disappoint in taking his second win of the season ahead of Ned Overend (Specialized) and Miguel Ramos (FLC Alum). Brianne Marshall continued her dominance of the Open Women category with another win ahead of Rebecca Balboni (Exergy 2012) and Shannon Gibson (Stan’s NoTubes). The Stan’s NoTubes Masters Team once again used teamwork to once again in the Men 35+ category with Frank Mapel, Michael Carroll and Kenny Wehn finishing in that order. Steve Morozowich confirmed that he is ready for the Men 35+ category by taking his second win in a row over Jacob Smith (FLC) and Paul Adams (Kokopelli). Thanks much to Ami Fair and Cortez Parks and Recreation for letting us ride bikes on grass and to Kokopelli Bike and Board for all the course help.

Dolores Cross Results

Cortez Day 2 Results

Stan’s NoTubes 4Corners CX Series – Race #3 Results

Race #2 in Dolores results will be finalized soon, sorry for the delay. Rotem Ishay (Jamis/FLC) made his first appearance in the series for the year and pulled away from a lead group of 4 to take the win in the Men’s A race while Brianne Marshal (Stan’s NoTubes) did it again for another win despite having to pit half way through. The Stan’s NoTubes 35+ team of Kenny Wehn, Michael Carroll and Frank Mapel used teamwork to bust up the field with Frank Mapel bridging solo to take the win over his two teammates and Steve Morozowich (DWC) took a well earned win in the Men’s B category. Tomorrow is day 2 in Cortez with riders negotiating today’s course in the opposite direction.

Stan’s NoTubes FCCX #3 Results

Stan’s NoTubes 4Corners CX Series – Race #1 Results

The first race of the Stan’s NoTubes 4 Corners CX series had stellar attendance (106 riders) under clear skies and relative warmth. The ageless Ned Overend (Boure) used superior horsepower to take the win in the Men’s A race while rising star Brianne Marshall (Stan’s NoTubes) took the win in the Open Women. Kenny Wehn (Stan’s NoTubes), took the Men’s 35+ category going away while FLC freshman Tyler Jones (on a MTB) won the Men’s B. The series now looks forward to Dolores this Saturday in what is looking like true CX conditions – yes!

Stan’s NoTubes FCCX Series #1 Results


Stan’s NoTubes 4Corners CX Series – 11/1/12 Update

We are pumped about CX season getting rolling this weekend and bet you are too. A few notes:

Entry fee is $20 per race for the whole series (not totally sure about Dolores).

Registration opens at 8:45am for all (except Dolores) and closes 15 minutes before the start of each race.

No USA Cycling license is needed.

10am – Men’s B/Open Women – 40 minutes

11am – Men’s A/Men’s 35+ – 50 minutes.

The west half of the course will be staked/taped by Friday afternoon and the east half (Stadium) will be done on Saturday afternoon.

Dolores is no longer a USA Cycling sanctioned race so no USAC license is needed nor are there any USAC points awarded.

I will send the Dolores flyer out as soon as I get it.

If there is anyone you know who would want to be on this list and isn’t, please have them send me an email and I’ll get them on it.

Questions? hagen_d@fortlewis.edu

Also – For some great CX action this Saturday head on down to Cuba, NM for the NMCX series race #5 – the poster is attached. For more info on specific start times check out the attached flyer and to pre-register go to dashforife.org. It is a USA Cycling sanctioned race so if you want points, that’s where you get ‘em.

Stan’s NoTubes CX Series – 10/26/12 Update

Practice race 11am on Saturday 10/27/12 at FLC softball complex!

Cyclocross weather (well, kind of, its a little cooler) is finally making it feel like the season and judging from the large turnouts at the Wed. 12noon practices, folks seem ready for the season to begin. Some bit chompers from the area have already been racing quite a bit – CrossVegas and the Ft. Collins USGPs and are getting ready to head up to the Boulder Cup races this weekend – they will get CX conditions up there this weekend for sure as it snowed last night, more today and then warming temps for the weekend – yeah!. Congrats to Teal Stetson-Lee and Carmen Small killing it at the early season races.

For those not traveling to  Boulder there is a chance to get in some racing before the FCCX series begins on Nov.4th at FLC. On Saturday Nov. 3rd the NM Cyclocross Series will be hosting a race down in Cuba, NM (2hrs away) that should provide some great racing action – check out http://www.dashforlife.org/uploads/2012_cuba_poster.jpg for the poster.

The schedule for the Stan’s NoTubes FCCX has been finalized with one minor change from the previous version (see below). The categories will stay the same as last year for the series when it begins Sunday Nov. 4th up at Fort Lewis College at Dennison Memorial Field (the Stadium).

The 2012 poster has been completed – click below to check it out. Thanks to Jon Bailey for putting it all together once again!

Please let em know if you have any questions: hagen_d@fortlewis.edu

Stan’s NoTubes CX Series – 10/11/12 Update

The Stan’s NoTubes 4 Corners Cyclocross Series provides an outlet for those chomping at the bit for some fall cycling action. We are proud to have races in Durango, Dolores and Cortez, CO and Aztec, NM. Stan’s NoTubes is back on board as the title sponsor this year so check out their innovative CX products (i’m tired of glue, aren’t you?). And be sure to see all of the other series sponsors below – thanks to them all!

The series schedule is below and be sure to check back here often for flyers, updates, posters, results, pictures, etc.

2012 Stan’s NoTubes Four Corners Cyclocross Series
Sun. Nov. 4th – Durango, FLC Stadium
Sat. Nov. 10th – Dolores, Joe Rowell Park (check http://ciclistasdelrio.blogspot.com/ for start times)
Sat. and Sun. Nov. 17th/18th – Cortez, Parque de Vida
Sun. Dec. 2nd – Durango, FLC Stadium
Sat. and Sun. Dec. 8th/9th – Aztec, NM, Tiger Sports Complex
Sun. Dec. 16th – Series Finals, Durango, FLC Stadium
All race times are as follows except for Dolores:
10am – Men’s B/Open Women
11am – Men’s A/Men’s 35+

Series Info:

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