Skyhawk STXC Series

We frequently race bikes at the Factory Trails. Eliminators, short tracks, relays, bike golf, mini enduro’s and circuit races.

Here is a list of upcoming official or unofficial events coming to the factory trails. Town Series races cost $5 and is donated to Durango Devo, and the rest are free.


March 22 Devo Practice STXC 530pm

April 12 Devo Crossfit Short Track presented by Catacombs 530pm

April 19 Ska/Zia/Trek Town Series STXC 5-6pm

May 3 Jr Devo Fun Race/ Short Track 4-7pm

May 31 Devo STXC 530pm

June 21 Devo STXC 530pm

July 26 Devo STXC 530pm

The Slo Mo course is lurking
The Slo Mo course is lurking





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